Our Ingredients

At PastaPresta, we believe that farm fresh ingredients make the best pasta! Read about some of our ingredients below:

Farm-Sourced Products:

Flour: PastaPresta uses the finest quality Semolina, Durham and whole wheat flours.heirloom_eggs

Eggs: PastaPresta uses Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom eggs produced on a four-generation, family farm in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.   These heirloom breed Ameraucana hens, which originate from Chilean Patagonia, are cage-free and fed a rich diet of whole grains, marigold, and alfalfa grasses, producing beautiful pastel colored eggs with yolks rich in flavor and richer and darker in color, making our pasta truly golden in color.  You will taste the difference!

Produce: Our heirloom tomatoes, spinach, arugula, mushrooms, beets, garlic, red pepper and other produce found in our pasta is sourced from farms in Connecticut, upstate New York and New England.

Our raviolis feature goat’s cheese, pumpkin, smoked mozzarella and other farm fresh ingredients.

There are never any preservatives or artificial flavors or colors in PastaPresta products.