Our Story

PastaPresta was conceived in the quiet streets of Milan where Italian families come every day to buy their fresh pasta, made daily on premise.  We want to bring that freshness and fun to the rest of the world via PastaPresta.

HandSpagettiWatch us create uniquely fashioned fresh pasta that makes dinnertime more fun for everyone. At PastaPresta, you may see us make Casarecce, a homemade, twisted pasta that is the “perfect sauce grabber;” Giglio pasta  which translates into Lily, the symbol or Florence —  a beautiful cone-shaped flower; or Bucatini, thick, spaghetti-like strands, known as “dirty shirt” that double as straws that twirl sauce all over the place from your plates – it brings out the kid in everyone!

Lots of people have asked us how our fresh PastaPresta products compare to their packaged counterparts, and we can honestly tell you that there really is no comparison.

We make our pasta fresh daily on site from farm-fresh  ingredients —so you know you’re getting a product that is all natural, preservative free and nutrient rich.

PastaPresta uses Pete and Gerry’s Organic Heirloom Eggs produced on a four-generation, family farm in the heart of New Hampshire’s White Mountains. These Heirloom Ameraucana chickens originate from hen’s of the indigenous people of Chilean Patagonia. They are cage free and are fed a rich diet of whole grains, marigolds and alfalfa grasses, producing beautiful pastel colored eggs with yolks rich in flavor and richer and darker in color, making our pasta truly golden in color.

We use the finest quality ground semolina, durum and whole grain flour. For our flavored pasta, we source local produce that is naturally ripened, seasonally grown and only a car-ride away. Many of the vegetables we use are  harvested within 36 hours of delivery, ensuring optimal freshness, vibrant flavor and nutritional content. The farms we partner with adhere to organic farming methods that make the most efficient use of natural biological processes, sustainable practices and chemical-free operations — all key to the healthful tastes and benefits of eating our fresh pasta.

And to topyellow_peppers if off, PastaPresta offers select private label pesto sauces, including artichoke and spinach, and sundried tomato, handcrafted in coastal Maine from artisanal-inspired recipes.

The technology behind this culinary creation is the Italian-manufactured “Pastation” —the first in the United States.  We can produce nearly 20 pounds of fresh pasta every hour during operation – there’s no other place that can make fresh pasta like we do!

Watch us make our fresh pasta. You’ll not only discover what new tastes we’re showcasing each week, you’ll also be able to share the friendly European marketplace experience people enjoy every day in little villages in Europe. Community, connection and a delectable taste of Italy, handmade, farm fresh and local. It’s all part of the instant culinary magic of PastaPresta.